Blues vs. Aldeburgh Golf Club

With Nick Winder having recently been instated as CUGC Fitness Secretary it was decided that a day of rest was required for the squad on the Sunday. Thus the Blues, eager to earn their rest the next day, arrived at Aldeburgh on Saturday 5th with high hopes. Sadly, this eagerness failed to manifest itself in good quality golf. A lost ball from skipper Maxwell, the first Cambridge shot of the day, hinted at the poor golf to come; Hickman’s skied provisional removed any doubt. Needless to say, they lost convincingly, as did the following three pairings of Bastianello/Winder, Descroix/Shah, and Neto-Bradley/Kiguchi. Sat in the clubhouse, keen to avoid a repeat of the morning whitewash at Hunstanton the week before, all hopes rested on the bottom pair of Ebert and Entwisle to salvage a point – thankfully, the ‘Postmen’ did their job. The Blues went into lunch 4-1 down.

Following a visit to the very fine Aldeburgh showers, Light Blue dos reinvigorated by limitless amounts of TRESemmé, a sure-fire way to any CUGC man’s heart, an excellent lunch was had. The treacle tart was very good indeed.

In the afternoon Neto-Bradley/Descroix went out top and brought home a strong point. They were followed in by Maxwell and Winder with similar success, giving Cambridge a glimmer of hope. However this glimmer was quickly extinguished as Bastianello/Ebert and Shah/Kiguchi both came in with losses. To finish off the day Entwisle and Hickman lost on the last after a close fought encounter with two ex-Cambridge Blues, Chris Robinson and Fiona Edmond, the latter being the first lady to play for the Men’s Blues. This left the afternoon score at 3-2 to Aldeburgh, and the overall score a 7-3 win for the home club.


Writer: Seb Hickman