Royal Worlington

The CUGC is very fortunate to have a relationship with the Royal Worlington & Newmarket Golf Club, which extends back for over 100 years.  A 9-hole course, Worlington has long been reputed to be the best course of its kind in Britain, and is ranked in the top 100 courses in the country.  Worlington also has quality practice facilities and most importantly, the members and staff are keen and supportive of the CUGC and its endeavours.

The closeness of our relationship is perpetuated by the extension of “Ex-Blues” membership to many former Blues when they go down from their studies at the University and by the governing principles of Worlington as a club, which stipulate that the needs and interests of the CUGC be borne in mind when conducting the business of the Club. Indeed, the closeness of the relationship is such that the history of either institution cannot be fully understood without careful reference to the history of the other. It is truly a “home from home”.

Additional information about Worlington is available on the club’s website (