Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society

The Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society, founded in 1898, is the oldest golfing society in the world. Known simply as The Society, its 700 members are mostly those who have gained their ‘blue’ by taking part in the annual university match. The Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society plays about thirty five matches each year and holds its match play competition each January, at Rye Golf Club in England, known as the President’s Putter.

As the society states, “election to the Society is no automatic affair and each new member wears his tie of light and dark blue stripes upon a green background with great pride.” Many well known golf personalities have been members of the society including Bernard Darwin, Henry Longhurst, Harvey Pennick, Dickinson, H.S. Colt, C.H. Alison, H.S.C. Everard, Horace Hutchinson and Donald Steel.