The trophies associated with the Cambridge University Golf Club have a long and storied history. With the opening of the shared Worlington and CUGC trophy cabinet, a greater effort has been made to play for these historical trophies. For the modern era, the results are as follows:

The Dunedin Trophy: Michaelmas Term – Full Club Medal at Worlington

2023: Philip Grandl 73 (+3)

2022: Alex Mair (C) 70 (E)

2021: Calum MacKenzie (C) 73 (+3)

The Sutherland Tassie: Mixed Net Foursomes at Worlington

2023: Chloƫ Royston and William Cook (33 points)

The Linkskill Cup: Lent Term – Blues Medal at Worlington

2024: Alex Mair 70 (E)

2023: Jonathan Pinnell 70 (E)

2022: Matthew Roberts 72 (+2)

The Walsh Cup: The Blues Selection Medal

2024: Chloƫ Royston 75 (+7) at Rye

2023: Matthew Roberts 73 (+5) at Aldebrugh

2022: Calum MacKenzie 69 (-1) at Worlington