Scholarships and Bursaries

Cambridge University offers a number of internal and external golf scholarships. Awards are available for elite golfers who represent the blues.




The Royal and Ancient University Awards

The R&A Foundation makes awards to universities to assist them with the education and development of talented young golfers during their course of study and to enhance the general standard of university golf. Awards are also made to individual student golfers.

In the current year, in excess of £250,000 has been allocated by The R&A for university programmes and individual awards.

R&A University Awards Application Form




The Hawks Charitable Trust

The Trustees’ policy currently is to provide a larger number of modest awards rather than a very limited number of larger sums. Applications have to be endorsed by a University Senior Member to confirm financial need. Grants are normally only awarded in sports of Blue or Half-blue status, taking into account financial need, the level of sporting excellence and the academic performance.

Hawks Charitable Trust Application Form


College Funding

A number of colleges within the University offer funding to their members. Awards are usually issued to cover expenses such as travel, clothing and coaching. In order to find out more it is recommended that you contact your college or the college you wish to apply to, directly.






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