Varsity Match and Selection

Ten players are selected by the Captain for the Stymies team that contests their Varsity Match against the Oxford University Divots. Competition for spots in the weekly matches (announced each Thursday at 8.00pm at the Hawks Club) and for the Varsity Match (announced mid-February) can be intense, but is always friendly, as our matches are ultimately team games. The selection process varies from year to year, but a player’s record in both matches and selection medals, together with commitment to the team and regular attendance at both matches and practices, are always factors that are considered.

The Stymies v. Divots match occurs on the Wednesday before the Blues Varsity Match, featuring five 18-hole foursomes matches in the morning, followed by 10 18-hole singles matches in the afternoon. Although different teams are selected for Varsity, the CUGC is one club, and it is therefore customary for the Blues and Ladies to take on caddying duties in the Stymies match, and for the Stymies to return the favour.